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In the middle, art-wise? come here! :)

An Exchange Community for those 'in the middle'
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Moderated Art Exchange
This community is a moderated art exchange community.

It is for all of the people who are 'stuck in the middle' - for example, on a high enough level that your art isn't stick figures; you have a decent grasp of anatomy, lighting, and color; you can incorporate backgrounds (even if simple)... but not 'good enough' in that one, or several of the moderated communities won't accept you. This community really just exists so you can do trades (for practice, of course, every piece is practice!) with people closer to your skill level, instead of being assigned to someone whose art is several notches below your level.

Once again, this community is moderated. You will have to apply to get in.

Here is the application post.

That having been said- the criteria for acceptance is listed above, and if you don't get accepted, it isn't a permanent denial. It doesn't matter who you are or aren't friends with. It doesn't matter if you've become an internet celebrity or not. The only outside influence that -could- affect your admittance if the skill is up to par is if you have been consistently problematic in other communities and were blacklisted without making up your art. Granted, we may not know about this, but expect that if you're going to apply, that you'll participate in any rounds you sign up for.

This is how it works.
-signups will be open for the last seven to ten days of every month.
-rounds will last one month, usually beginning on or just after the start of that month, and ending on, or just before the end of that month.
-when you sign up, you post the details in a comment to the signup post.
-when signups end, the moderator(s) will email you with your assignment and a link to their information comment.
-You will have from the day your assignment is sent to you until the closing date of the round to turn in your piece.
-if you do not turn in your piece by the end of the month and have not asked the moderators for a grace period, you will be blacklisted and will not be allowed to enter in for the next round.

Onto the details:

*The application post is here. You need to apply, first. do not join the community without applying first. If you do, your attempt to join will be rejected until your application is reviewed. If you are accepted, you will be sent an invite, or replied to indicating that you can join and the request will be approved.
*Please do not apply or try to join if you're not willing to put forth effort for your chosen one. They are entering just as you are, and are going to put effort into their piece, the least you can do is reciprocate.
*We primarily focus on animals and anthros, if you have humans or mechs or something, this really isn't the place. If you would like to see if someone wants to try your mech or human, list it, but please (in the same comment) list your default animal or anthro character.
*Please remember: If someone has drawn for you, please thank them! They took the time to draw you.
*There is no rating in the community, though the signups will ask what rating you'd like to receive and what is the highest rating you would draw. If it's got any nudity in it, it needs to be under a cut. To do a livejournal cut, search in the LJ FAQ's. It's pretty simple.

The official Blacklist
you can be cleared from this by turning in the art for your assigned. Until you turn in your assigned piece, you will not be allowed to participate further.

We are also taking applications for moderators as well. Indicate if you'd like to be a mod in your community application. Moderating entails posting signups, assigning people, and helping to review applications.

Here is the base format for signups:


LJ Username:
e-mail: (MUST BE VALID!!!):
Max rating You're willing to draw?
Have you read the rules?

What do you absolutely love?:

What do you absolutely loathe?:








Accessories (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc):

Anything else we should know/Relevant information:

Reference Pictures:

Suggested Themes: